There is no better place on earth to see gorillas in the wild than in Africa! Gorilla trekking is one remarkable wildlife encounter that attracts thousands of tourists each year to Africa for a holiday. Africa shelters 2 incredible species of gorillas; the Eastern gorilla and western gorilla. Trekking any of these gorilla species offers a thrilling encounter of lifetime. The major gorilla trekking destinations in Africa include Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These are the premier mountain gorilla trekking destinations in Africa and the world at large. However, there is also opportunity to encounter the Eastern Lowland gorillas especially while on tour in the DR Congo.

Generally, Africa is an all year-round gorilla destination. But the best time to travel to track gorillas is usually during the dry season. There are 2 dry seasons you can consider traveling to Africa for gorilla trekking and you can travel either from June, July, August, to September or from December, January to February. Other visitors also prefer traveling during the wet or rainy season, especially the budget travelers. The wet months of the year are recorded from March, April to May and October, November. Unlike the dry season, the wet season is when plenty of rainfall is recorded.