3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking

3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking

The 3 days Kibale chimp trekking safari is one of the best primate tour packages. It takes you to Kibale Forest National Park, a home to a vast tract of tropical rain-forest and diverse wildlife species. This package includes chimpanzee tracking for you to enjoy a close encounter with shy chimpanzees.

Your chimp trekking tour also covers guided nature walks in Bigodi Wetland. Kibale Forest National Park extends up to 795 Sq. Km of land area and protects approximately 1500 chimpanzees. These are part of the 13 primate species that are confined within this rain-forest park.

Other wildlife species include 375 bird species, 351 tree species, primates such as L’Hoest’s monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, baboons, vervet monkeys, pottos and others. This chimpanzee trek tour will begin and end in Kampala/Entebbe.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Depart from Kampala for Kibale Forest National Park

Get up early to enjoy your hot cup of tea or coffee and after, depart from your hotel or place of residence in full-size 4×4 drive car for Kibale Forest National Park. This journey covers approximately 300kms from Kampala to Fort Portal city and this is 5 hours’ drive. From Fort Portal to Kibale forest, it is approximately 26kms. You will pass through beautiful towns on Kampala-Mityana-Mubende-Fort Portal route.

Have a lunch break at Fort Portal city and after, drive to Fort Portal Crater Area to enjoy mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas. You will also pay a visit to Amabere g’Nnyinamwiru caves. These ancient historical features, very popular among locals as “breasts of Nyinamwiru” the daughter of Bukuku who was self-enthroned King of Bachwezi. Get back from your cave exploration to connect to Kibale Forest National Park about 26kms from Fort Portal. Have a relaxed evening at the lodge, dinner and a night stay.

Day 2: Kibale Forest; Chimpanzee tracking & nature walk in Bigodi Wetland

Enjoy your delicious breakfast and later, depart from your lodge for briefing at Kanyanchu Visitor Center where you will meet the park official. Ensure that you have reported at the briefing centre earlier to go through clearing process. Kibale Forest National Park protects 1500 chimpanzees and they account for many habituated chimpanzee communities, one of which will be assigned to you to track in a group of 6 visitors.

An armed park guide will be assigned to you and you begin your trek to see chimpanzees at 8:00am. This primate adventure entirely includes watching chimpanzees, learning how they copulate, feeding habits, groom each other, taking photos and all this will be done during 1 hour of magical encounter. The whole experience takes 2-4 hours and it exposes you to also other primates, birds, butterflies, reptiles and a lot more.

Retreat from your captivating chimp trekking experience to have lunch. At 2:00pm, connect to Bigodi Wetland for a nature walk. You will be led by a local community guide and while here, expect to observe several primates you didn’t see on chimp trek in Kibale, birds and have hands on experience in basket making. After 2-3 hours of amazing Bigodi guided nature walk, return to the lodge to chill, dine and spend a night.

Day 3: Drive from Kibale Forest to Kampala/Entebbe

Have breakfast and check out of your lodge then depart from Kibale Forest National Park for Kampala/Entebbe. Drive through the beautiful Fort Portal city, a popular tourism city in this area and proceed to Kampala/Entebbe, about 5 hours’ drive.