4 Days Bwindi & Mgahinga Gorilla Safari

4 Days Bwindi & Mgahinga Gorilla Safari

You want to know how a double gorilla trekking experience feels like? book this 4 days Bwindi and Mgahinga double gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, for as many have enjoyed it, so will you. Though the name may seem the same, the ultimate adventure is unforgettable. As reports suggest, the mountain gorilla species at Bwindi are relatively different from those elsewhere in the Virunga region, inclusive of Mgahinga national park.

The days give time to relax, meet and learn more about these gentle apes and return with everlasting memories. Other attractions to look out for include; the unique birds, primates, reptiles, captivating landscape, Batwa culture and several flora species among others.

Safari in details

Day 1: Pickup from Entebbe and transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park

On this first day of the trip, our company representative will pick you at the airport or hotel, depending on the agreement and then brief you on the different aspects concerning the destination and your security, as well as responding to your questions.

Thereafter, you will embark on an amazing 7-8 hours’ drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park; a destination with the highest concentration of individual Gorillas in the entire Virunga region, with an en-route Lunch break. The countryside won’t hide her flourishing vegetation, rolling hills and breathtaking sceneries from you. Dinner and overnight stay will mark the end of the day at sunset.

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

After a yummy breakfast meal, you will pack your essential items such as cameras, and tracking permit and head to the Bwindi park headquarters for registration and pre-trekking briefing by expert knowledgeable park rangers. The exercise will be in one of Bwindi’s four sectors, for approximately 1-6 hours, through the Lush forest and hilly terrain, but while encountering numerous birds, primates, and mammals among others.

In the jungle, they stand, play, pose and feed, governed by the giant silverback, as well as the trees. It will of great pleasure that you don’t forget the dos and don’ts while taking photos, observing the apes or asking questions concerning these relatives.

When the one hour expires, you will go for lunch and then transfer to Mgahinga national park in Kisoro district for yet another unforgettable trekking experience.

Day 3: Mgahinga national park – Gorilla Trekking and cultural adventure

Today’s mission as soon as breakfast is done, the drive guide will drive to the park headquarters where you will be verified, and verified on the different gorilla trekking rules and regulations. Thereafter, rangers will take you to the jungle to search, starting from where the apes were last spotted, to where they are suspected to be feeding, relaxing and playing.

Depending on your speed and how far they have moved, the hike can last for approximately 1-7 hours. There are over 20 gorilla troops open for tracking in the Bwindi jungle and those who have tracked regard this family as one of the most exciting and must encounter group.

The rangers will give you one hour to take photos, ask questions and watch the mothers breastfeed their young ones. Thereafter, you will return to the lodge for refreshment and lunch.

Spend the last hours of this day with the Batwa pygmies – former hunters and gatherers, enjoying their stories, dances and much more experiences. At sunset, return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Departure

After a reunion with the sought after mountain Gorillas only found in Africa, it is time to bid farewell, and head to the next destination.

So you will first enjoy a mouth – watering breakfast today and then check out of the lodge to the airport or your hotel around town, but with an en-route stopover at the equator for lunch, sightseeing and photography.