4 Days Virunga Double Gorilla Trekking

4 Days Virunga Double Gorilla Trekking


In this 4 days Virunga Double Gorilla Trekking tour, expect a double discovery, fun, and a Lifetime memory in the vast silent jungles of Virunga national park.  You will be surrounded by giant trees, sounds and sights of the birds, gorillas, and forest mammals among others. What more can a vacation call for? We are rich in experience and knowledge; make this package precisely for you, with provisions of adjusting to your taste and preference.

Besides trekking and understanding the social setting of two gorilla groups in this destination, you will also enjoy a village walk, fun at Lake Kivu, and a Kigali city tour. Virunga national park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Africa, very secure, and worth your time and money.

Detailed tour.

Day 1: Drive from Kigali to Virunga national park

With all spirits connected to your relatives in the Jungle of Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo, our expert company representative, clad in a trip attire will happily welcome you for this remarkable trip, only his welcome smile will disconnect you from the noise, and any other distraction.

He will offer you a glass of Juice, as well as a brief explanation of how the trip will be and a response to any question, before hitting the road to the democratic republic of Congo, via a very scenic boarder post, with an en-route stopover for document verification and lunch. Every green vegetation, happy natives, and rolling hills will give you company to your lodge in and around the park, where you will enjoy dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 2: Gorilla trek and an optional Village walk

after enjoying a mouthwatering breakfast meal, pick up all your trekking items and gadgets and head to the park headquarters for registration and briefing. These start at about 8:30 am, with the trekking rules and regulations brought to your notice, as well as the allocation of members to the Gorilla families. Mountain gorillas can only be found in the slopes of Virunga mountains which sprawls through three 3 countries in the east and central part of Africa.

Research shows that gorillas possess over 95% Human DNA, and human-like characteristics. As you track them, expect to encounter unique tree species, rare birds, and several forest residents.  Approximately 1-7 hours will be the trekking time, plus an additional one hour to watch and take photos of the creatures as they feed, play, or relax.

Afterward, you will have a lunch break and then spend the entire evening either relaxing at the lodge or enjoying a village walk with the guide. You will call off this day with a day and a nap at sunset.

Day 3: Exclusive gorilla trek and Lake Kivu leisure tour

Today starts with an energizing cup of coffee, followed by another return to the Jungle, for another different gorilla family, with very unique attributes, and social behavior. It all starts with an early morning orientation and document verification by the park rangers, followed by a full 1-8 hour Hike. You have got used to the steep, plains, but the surprise encounters of the birds, forest mammals, and primates among others will be so unique.

Each mountain gorilla family has a dominant silverback that leads and protects the troop in all their territories. They are vegetarians, gentle, and peace-loving and tend to react to attack.

Upon locating them, the park rangers give you a maximum of one hour to watch the silverbacks; mothers breastfeed, and the rest of the family playing. Thereafter, a lunch break follows, before driving to Lake Kivu-Rwanda’s largest freshwater lake for relaxation, dinner and a nap.

Day 4: Departure to Kigali

After a happy breakfast meal, you will bid farewell to your new friends and checkout of the lodge for a scenic drive to Kigali airport for your flight. Upon arriving in Kigali city, you will enjoy lunch, followed by a brief city tour as you’re the final safari hours come to an end.